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Kakeru Aizaw
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a is the younger brother to Suguru Aizawa, a soccer prodigy belonging to Japan's under–15 national team. Prior to the series, Kakeru quits his position as a forward after a traumatic experience prevented him from playing with his left leg and settles for a managerial position. After the two are hit by a truck, Suguru dies and has his heart transplanted into Kakeru. With it, Kakeru returns to soccer to achieve his brother's dream of winning the World Cup.

The Knight in the Area tells the stories of middle and high school students as they grow up through their soccer clubs, compete in national tournaments, and strive for world titles. Main character Kakeru, his respected elder brother Suguru, and childhood friend Nana Mishima, along with all the teammates, rivals from other schools, and world class soccer players around him radiate their own brilliant light as they face adolescence with all their strength. The story also incorporates the strong bond between Kakeru and Suguru, the love of their family, the friendship of their teammates and rivals, and fleeting first loves... all coming together to ignite passion in the hearts of all viewers.
The soccer depicted in The Knight in the Area does not rely upon the efforts of "super athletes" or nonsensical "special techniques," but illustrates "fanciful play" as an extension of reality. Viewers will be drawn to this reality-based anime and its powerful scenes unfolding in realistic settings. Explanations of soccer rules and fundamentals are carefully presented as the story develops. It attempts to raise interest and understanding of elements such as formation diagrams for those unfamiliar with soccer, while depicting soccer in a way that enthusiasts can appreciate as the story of Kakeru's growth unfolds. The Knight in the Area appeals to a broader range of viewers than any anime ever has before.
Kakeru is supported by his childhood friend Nana. Though she is the team manager, Nana is a soccer prodigy known as the Little Witch who goes on to join the Nadeshiko Japan women's soccer team. The Knight in the Area had its eye on the team even when it was still being serialized in Magazine, before women's soccer gained its current popularity. The anime's depiction of Nana's activity in Nadeshiko Japan is consistent with the present time.


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